Santa Barbara Location:

1516 Chapala Street (Inside Aligned Pilates)

Santa Barabara, CA 93101

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Santa Barbara Hours:

Sun 10-6pm (Office & In-Home)

Mon 10-8pm (Office & In-Home)

Tues 10-8pm (Office & In-Home)

Wed 10-8pm (Office & In-Home)

Thur 10-8pm ((Office & In-Home)

Fri 10-6pm ((Office & In-Home)

Sat 10-6pm (Office & In-Home)


Santa Barbara Parking

There is easy 90 minute street parking and all day street parking one block away!

Cancellation Policy

We would appreciate as much notice as possible but require at least 24 hours so that we might fill the open slot. If you do not give at least 24hr cancellation notice we will charge you 50% of your service total.


Methods of payment

Cash, check, paypal and credit cards:visa, mastercard, amex, discover


Get the most out of your massage or facial treatment!

Here are some guidelines to help you feel at ease and gain the greatest benefit from your massage or your skincare treatment. Communication regarding the treatment is highly encouraged before your session, during and/or after. You are the expert of your body so feel free to speak up. If something is too hot, cold, uncomfortable, pressure too deep or too light...please let us know so we can adjust to your preference.

For bodywork treatments we encourage you to close your eyes and allow yourself to relax as completely as possible. Focus your attention on your breathing, which should be slow, deep and even.

For facials and skincare treatments, we also encourage you to relax and feel pampered but if you feel like chatting...that's fine too.

Try to plan ahead for your session. We realize that circumstances are not always going to be ideal before and after your massage and or skincare treatment but if you can get as close as possible then why not.

  • Arrive hang-over free and your tummy not too full
  • Avoid excessive alcohol consumption after your massage or later that evening (you could get nauseous)
  • Avoid excessive exercise after your facial and or peel so your skin has an opportunity to drink up all the yummy serums and nourishing antioxidants that have been applied durning your facial while also giving your skin some calming 'down time'
  • Try to pick a day or time of day that you don't feel the need to wash your face immediately after your facial...this allows for all the yummy serums and cocktails to penetrate deeper into your skin
  • Plan a relaxing evening after your massage and drink plenty of water
  • Enjoy the afterglow!