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Sustainably You is a boutique bodywork, skincare and wellness studio. Our staff is dedicated to providing custom care with an eco-friendly approach that sustains on multiple levels. We look forward to seeing you soon!

About our staff

Jennifer Warner Grey (owner)

California LIcensed Massage Practitioner and Licensed Cosmetologist

  • Massage/bodywork
  • Swedish and deep tissue
  • Back and foot scrubs
  • In-home/out-call massage
  • Massage + facial combo packages
  • Facials and peels
  • Lash and brow tinting
  • Brow shaping

Jen is the owner of Sustainably You and has an office in both Santa Barbara where she lives 3/4 time and SF, where she continues to come up to to see her regular clients and catch a few new ones on a monthly basis.

Jen is a Pilates Instructor, Massage Practitioner and Licensed Cosmetologist with over 19 years of bodywork experience and 10 years of skincare under her belt.  Specializing in swedish & deep tissue, her style is soothing and nurturing yet she has the strength to work on the deep knots that ail many people in the upper back, shoulder and neck areas.

After taking a break from bodywork for a few years, Jen found her way back in February of 2009 and decided to start a new business also incorporating skincare. She knew that skincare would be a natural addition to her services, allowing her to pamper and educate individuals about the largest organ on their bodies, so that they could not only feel great but look great too! Clients love her massage / facial combos!

Jen's next SF visits are:Wed Nov 6th - Mon Nov 11thSun Dec 1st - Thur Dec 5th

Client feedback


Getting a massage AND a facial is a luxury but there comes a time you have to tell yourself, “Screw it, you deserve this.” This past week (maybe I should say the last couple of months) was very stressful and of course with the holidays approaching it certainly adds more. I try to always take care of myself in the best way that I can and usually it doesn’t include spending money but in this instance, it was worth it.

I have been looking around Yelp to see which massage/skincare place to go to and I stumbled upon Jennifer. I read reviews and liked what I read and decided to make an appointment. Easy.

My appointment was yesterday for a massage and facial. Lets just say this was my Christmas present to myself. When I entered the place, I was welcomed by Jennifer. Her space is nice and cozy. Lets get to the good part. The massage: She listened to my needs and was spot on. She didn’t have to make adjustments with the pressure it was body was in healing mode already.

The facial: After such a relaxing massage, my face needed some love. She would speak minimally and only when necessary. She did her thing and I was fine with that. I was incredibly impressed that extractions were not painful. With others-I usually ask to take a break BUT whatever her technique, it works. My face was nice and clean. It felt good. I felt very relaxed (the most I felt in a long time).

Jennifer is amazing! I will certainly go back. If you want to feel good and relaxed… Go see her! : ) 

Mel P.

Wow. There’s a reason you see only 5 star ratings.

Jennifer is a pro at what she does. She’s done massage for 11 years and skin care for about 3. The combo is great!

The massage was super relaxing, she knows how to apply the right amount of pressure. But it gets better. Between the facial w/steam and the foot scrub, I was completely relaxed and didn’t want it to end! She really took her time and talked to me about my skin before we started the session.

This is a MUST GO if you’re a massage junkie like me!

Ayesha I.

You won’t find a more knowledgeable, calm, kind massage therapist and skincare specialist. Prices are very reasonable (offers monthly specials to her email list). The space zen and comfortable. Treat yourself; Jen Warner’s great!

J. Anna W.

My community is full of massage therapists and I’ve had the good fortune to have experienced many different types of massage and massage therapists, so I feel I can evaluate massage objectively. I love Jen’s massages for how deeply relaxed I feel at the end. I feel nurtured in the best possible way and the good feeling I get from her work lasts into the next few days. Recently I got a back facial from Jen with a peel, etc. She combines therapeutic massage with her skin care and I left feeling much healthier than when I arrived.

I also have extremely sensitive skin. I’m allergic to fragrance and had some trepidation about having so many new products used on me, but they all worked out really well. My skin was velvety and smooth and I experienced no allergic reaction as a result of this session.

I had a very positive experience and am excited about the next time I get to have a massage or facial from her.

Pam R.

I’ve gotten hooked on massages by Jennifer Warner. She’s been in the business for over 10 years and now incorporates hot stone into her technique. She is intuitive in finding the trouble spots and remembering them. Her style is so fluid I sometimes get close to falling asleep. She works by appointment at Hayes Valley Wellness in SF, Purevana in Mill Valley or will come to you for an additional $20 fee. Her hand/arm strength is amazing even for a large or very muscular person and the products she uses smell great. They call it massage therapy for a reason – you feel very renewed & relaxed after a massage with her. The best kind of therapy imho – a real stress release for mind & body.

Shana L.


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Adriene Crimson Coen

California Licensed Esthetician and Certified Massage Therapist

  • Massage/bodywork
  • Reiki
  • Pregnancy massage
  • Massage + facial combo packages
  • Facials and peels
  • Lash and brow tinting
  • Brow shaping

Adriene works part-time at the San Francisco Location and usually a combination of  Wednesdays and Fridays.

Adriene’s Reiki Infused facials are thorough, incredibly relaxing and effective without being disruptive. Her therapeutic bodywork focuses on deep yet gentle techniques for profound tension release, pre-natal and post-natal massage that is nurturing while addressing those challenges that many pregnant people face as their bodies change and energy work that uses Reiki as a foundation for mind- and heart-opening healing. The synergy created by combining massage, energy work and esthetics is deeply fulfilling to Adriene and she loves to tailor her treatments to each client – every client gets what’s best for them and no two sessions are alike!  Adriene invites you to join her for a healing experience that will leave you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and grounded.

Adriene’s background: In 2007, she earned her California Esthetic License after completing the training program at San Francisco Institute for Esthetics & Cosmetology. The next year, she began studying therapeutic bodywork at San Francisco School of Massage & Bodywork. To date, she has over 500 hours of training in Deep Tissue Therapy, Trigger Point Release, Pre- and Post-Natal Massage/Therapeutic Bodywork, Lymphatic Drainage, Myofascial Release, Positional Release and Reiki.  Adriene has also been teaching a 600 hour massage therapy program at San Francisco School of Massage & Bodywork since 2016.

Client feedback


My massage therapist, Adriene is fantastic, not only is she skillful in her work, she was very mindful of my needs. In addition of being knowledgeable in our health and exercising, she brought me new awareness by making some very good suggestions to my workout routine. Thank you again, Adriene for your wonderful message and suggestions.

Reim B.

I had THE BEST MASSAGE OF MY LIFE with Adrienne. Now, a massage is a collaborative experience, and the more I get massaged, the better I am at getting massaged. Adriene and I had a nice chat before the massage during which I told her what I wanted to get out of it, and gave her the lowdown on my Type 1 diabetes (no joke, people—sometimes massages de-stress me so much my blood sugar drops to a dangerous place and we had to be ready). She was very receptive and perceptive, before, during and after the massage. I also told her that I often get dark circles under my eyes after a massage, and she made sure to massage my face to encourage drainage, and I didn’t get the dark circles afterwards! And I felt buttery for hours afterwards.

Shannon K.

I had a 60 minute massage session with Adriene who listened to my concerns and what I was feeling before the session. She was sensitive, caring and made me laugh. Once the massage started, I felt like all the heaviness and worries I carried melted away. I hold a lot of tension in my neck and shoulders but she gently worked through it without pain. Too many times, I’ve had massages at other places where they think they have to hurt me to get rid of the knots in neck and shoulders. That only makes me more tense! I walked out feeling happy, centered and renewed.

June O.

I received a facial and massage from Adriene. She was awesome!! She also did my brow wax and was a total pro at each treatment. The whole thing flowed together and I left floating on a cloud of bliss. Definitely go if you can!

Eve S.

I got a facial/massage package today with Adriene and was really impressed with her massage skills! Truly talented. she started by asking me what i wanted, and actually listened, unlike some other therapists. The pressure was perfect and it was the most unique deep tissue massage I’ve ever had—many cool techniques I’ve never experienced before. and also unexpectedly awesome was having a great talk w/Aadriene—she’s so wise, funny, and caring. couldn’t have imagined a better experience!

Tornado G.

I know what to expect with Adriene—she is professional, experienced, and has a natural ability to heal with her touch, she is amazing.

Jim B.